Monday, July 30, 2012

Featured post: Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corp

Name of your organization:  Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corps

Length of time you’ve been around: Organization began in 1995, 17 years

Why did you start the organization? What is your goal/mission?
                The organization was set up initially to provide medical care to people around the world who do not have access to medical treatment.  Our current mission is to provide quality, compassionate medical care to Haiti following the earthquake in 2012.  We are working with Hospital Bernard Mews in Port-au-Prince treating children and adults with severe illness and those suffering injuries from trauma.  We are training  the Haitian health care providers working there.  We are also supporting  two orphanages in Haiti.  We are working to feed, educate and to house these children left orphaned after the earthquake.

What does your organization primarily specialize in?
Our group includes physicians, nurses and other medical professionals providing medical treatment to poor people around the world.   We have sent 10 teams of medical volunteers to Bernard Mews since the earthquake.  These teams are working to rebuild the hospital into a trauma center.  They are providing treatment to patients and training to Haitians.
We are also a group of non-medical volunteers dedicated to improve the lives of the orphans of Haiti following the earthquake.  We have sent several teams to these orphanages.  These volunteers have funded and built a school,  started a garden project to provide sustainable food and provided care for the orphans.  We have supplied them with monetary donations for food, education and appliances to help nourish the children.

What are you most proud of?
Through our efforts, Flagstaff is the number four city in the world to send volunteers to Haiti since the earthquake.  We have been ambassadors for our community and Flagstaff is known in Haiti as a city of loving people that have worked hard to improve the lives of hundreds.
Do you have any special events coming up? What are they?
  • On September 15,2012, we are having a golf tournament to raise money to support the two orphanages with which we are working.  We have no administrative costs and all proceeds will go directly to projects at the orphanages overseen by Flagstaff volunteers.
  • In December 2012, our 11th medical team will go to Port-au-Prince to run the hospital for a week.
  • In January 2013, our 5th non-medical team will go to Haiti to work on a construction project at one of the orphanages.

 Are you looking for volunteers?  Monetary or prize donations?
We are looking for sponsors, golfers, monetary donations, silent auction or raffle items for our September 15th event.  Volunteers are always welcome to join us in our trips to Haiti. 
We are always looking for monetary donations to help provide food and supplies to the orphanages.

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