Friday, August 31, 2012

Chamber Cafe: Strategic Business Planning

Flagstaff Chamber Members,

My name is Malcolm (Mal) Bowen and I’m going to be giving a 1½ hr beginning workshop on “the basics of how to create a useful Strategic Business Plan regardless of the size of your business” 9/12/12 at the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce. The key outcomes of this presentation workshop are:

  • Why plan strategically versus just using basic action plans?
  • Understanding of the key terms and processes that are used in Strategic Planning
  • An understanding of and ability to use a planning framework that incorporates the Baldrige Criteria (The vital processes all business must plan for and take actions in to be a successful growing business).
  • 30 minutes of you beginning your own 2013 business’s planning process using some of these tools with my assistance.
  • Ongoing Q&A (questions and answers) during the presentation workshop
  • A few special offers to assist you in your planning path forward for those of you that are interested in purchasing one of our planning packages (a number of choices will be provided). These packages include proprietary templates, processes and individual virtual or face to face coaching support at special prices for participants of this Chamber sponsored presentation workshop.

Prework if you’re willing!

To assist you in preparing for this talk and maximizing your planning ½ hr I’m recommending that you:

1.   Look at this link that will give you a complete explanation of the Baldrige Criteria that are one of the key ingredients in our planning framework.
2.   When looking at the Baldrige Criteria jot down notes about both what you currently have in place in each of the criteria and what you would like to begin during 2013 to you business to facilitate your growth and continued success.

I hope this is helpful and I look forward to seeing many of you on Wednesday September 12, 2012 starting promptly at 11:30am. If you have questions regarding the presentation you can reach me as shown below.

                                  Thanks, Mal Bowen

                                Performance Consulting
                                Telephone (Office) 928-227-3028
                                               (Cell) 510-813-4077

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