Thursday, August 16, 2012

Manufacturing Round Table

One of the programs we offer at the Flagstaff Chamber is called the "Manufacturing Roundtable."
It serves as a platform for us to get the manufacturing community of Northern Arizona together for discussions about relevant topics. These organizations are some of the biggest employers and commerce drivers in our economy - yet many know almost nothing about them or the opportunities they offer.

Today we discussed workforce development at length - the difficulties that our manufacturers have had in hiring people for positions that high school students are qualified for. We are working on several campaigns to get the word out there, as are many other organizations in Arizona.

More on those programs later - thanks to the following organizations for coming to today's Roundtable!

Joy Cone
Nestle Purina 

And thanks to PRENT for being such gracious hosts! 

Our next roundtable will be in early December. See you then!

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