Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Delta Airlines Phishing Email Scam

Coming to an inbox near you:

A simple (though nowhere near perfect) phishing scam from an organization claiming to be Delta Airlines.

It comes with an attachment titled something like ""
This email is designed to get you to download and uncompress that zip file, which will then do nasty things to your computer. This scam has been around for a few months already, and will likely continue to show up for the next few months as people book travel for the holidays.
In its original form, the sender was random and the email contained almost no branding at all. Now it appears, the phishers have faked an email address that is supposed to look like it comes from Delta. That email address is "" or something similar. 
We know this is a fake because: 
  • The real Delta Airlines website is simple "" without the extra "a" 
  • Delta refers to themselves as "Delta Airlines" or simply "Delta" and not "Delta Air Lines" 
  • Because of the two sentences referring to your "bought" ticket (instead of "purchased") and the line encouraging you to print your ticket. Neither of which you would see in a real email from Delta.
  • And the complete lack of branding or information encouraging you to contact Delta with any issues.
Watch your email inbox closely over the coming months! Holidays are great opportunities for hackers and scammers to worm their way into your computers and personal information.

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