Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do You Know Where the Ghostly Haunts of Flagstaff Are?

With the Halloween season, Flagstaff enjoys an increased interest in the local spots deemed haunted.
From the Lowell Observatory to the Chamber's own Railroad Bridge, there are plenty of ghostly spots that will certainly satisfy the most amateur of ghost hunters.

Check out our list below:

Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Railroad Bridge
101 W. Route 66 / 928-774-4505
The ghost of a grieving mother who had lost her baby. This story comes from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s when south of the tracks used to be a “Shantytown”.

Flagstaff Visitor Center
1 W. Route 66 / 928-774-9541
The ghost of brakeman, killed by a work-related accident, haunts various parts
of the building. Inquire about downtown ghost tours during the month of October.

Historic Monte Vista Hotel
100 N. San Francisco St. / 928-779-6971
Poltergeists haunt this historic hotel built in1927. A ghost child has been seen on a number of occasions.

Hotel Weatherford
23 N. Leroux St. / 928-779-1919
The Zane Grey Ballroom is the most haunted portion of this historic hotel and restaurant built in 1898. A bride and groom haunt Room 54 and the basement is haunted, too.

Doris Harper-White Playhouse
11 W. Cherry Ave. / 928-774-1662
Three separate ghosts have been encountered at what used to be a
home, boarding school and public library.

Orpheum Theater
15 W. Aspen Ave. / 928-556-1580
This 1911 theater has a specter in the balcony and an eerie poltergeist downstairs.

Downtown Public Library
300 W. Aspen Ave. / 928-779-7673
The site of the old Emerson School,

a ghostly janitor still continues his spectral rounds.

Milligan House / C.V.B.
323 W. Aspen Ave. / 928-779-7611
A helpful spirit, a caffenated poltergeist and numerous haunting noises persist through this 1904 historic home that now serves as the Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Riordan Mansion State Park
409 W. Riordan Rd. / 928-779-4395
Ghosts and playful poltergeists haunt this historic mansion! Take a special tour during the month of October to find out about more hauntings and spectres. Call for dates and prices.

NAU’s North Morton Hall
224 W. McMullen Circle / 928-523-3978
“Kathy the Ghost” has been haunting this 1913 dormitory since 1953. Ghostly tunnels, strange bangings, electrical malfunctions, screams from the ground, and a haunting spectre are just a few of the happenings.

Lowell Observatory
1400 W. Mars Hill Road / 928-233-3210
The founder’s ghost is reputed to walk hisspectraldogthroughthe historic Slipher Building. His mausoleum is also on view during daytime tours.

The Museum Club
3404 E. Route 66 / 928-526-9434
Stories of accidental deaths and suicide
give way to ghostly occurances at this famous Route 66 roadhouse. Poltergeist activities occur, and reputedly ghostly images have been captured on film!

Walnut Canyon National Monuments
3 miles East of Flagstaff I-40, Exit 204 / 928-526-1157
Nine hundred year old Sinagua cliff dwellings adhere to the sides of this beautiful canyon. What ghosts may you find at this ancient site?

Wupatki National Monuments
27 miles North of Flagstaff off Hwy. 89 / 928-526-1157
Arizona’s largest above-ground Native American ruins dot a nearby section of the Painted Desert. Some Native Americans believe these ruins to be haunted by their ancestors. 

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