Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Featured Post: B&T Yogurt and More

 B&T Yogurt and More

Length of time you’ve been in business:  5 months

Why did you get into your industry? What is your goal/mission?  Provide premium frozen dessert offerings to Flagstaff. 

Your specialty – the reason people choose you:  We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service while serving a wide variety of first-class frozen treats.  B&T always offers healthier selections and no sugar added alternatives.  By being a full-service establishment, we can offer cups, cones, milkshakes, and our own creation Snowstorms which are yogurt blended with your favorite toppings and flavors!

Your favorite part about doing business in Flagstaff:  Flagstaff has always been our favorite place to live and we are fortunate to have been able to move back here and have our own business.
Who is your favorite local non-profit or charitable organization? Why?  Coconino County Humane Association.  There are so many animals that need good homes and proper care.  They can’t speak for themselves and are in need of organizations like this.

Address and business hours:
B&T Yogurt
1530 S. Riordan Ranch St. #D407
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Hours:  M-Sat. 12-9pm, Sun. 12 – 7pm

Website link:  www.btyogurt.net
Facebook link:  www.facebook.com/BTYogurt
Twitter link:  www.twitter.com/btyogurt

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  1. The catering bristol office near our place is a strong advocate of using yogurt for desserts. If I were in their shoes, I'd do the same. It's healthy and delicious and you can whip something new even if you only have fruits with you.