Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Snow is coming!

There is a good chance that Flagstaff may see snow Thursday and/or Friday of this week. As such, we would be remiss to remind our community to prepare for Winter conditions!

  • Window scraper in your car?
  • Tires at the proper pressure?
  • Antifreeze levels good?
  • Snow shovel by your door?
  • Ice/Gravel/Snowmelt compound (check with your HOA, if applicable)
  • Winter boots? Hat? Gloves? Jacket?
  • Space heater for your room?
  • Filter changed on your furnace?
  • Pilot light in your fireplace?

If you are missing any of these things, check with your favorite Flagstaff businesses! Many of them are already carrying Winter items in stock!

Did you know that Flagstaff is often the second (or third) snowiest city in the lower 48 United States? It's true!

1 comment:

  1. Not that you will need to use the air-conditioner of the car during winter, but installing a peerless compressors will not let in freezing wind to clog the air sac that damages the car.