Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Do you know how to drive in the snow?

We are set to get some winter weather in this week (finally). Let's take some time to review winter driving tips before the streets freeze over.

1) Give yourself THREE times more room than usual between you and the car in front of you. If they stop suddenly, you should be able to do the same!
2) Always be aware of your exit. If the car in the opposite lane starts sliding at you, where are you going to go?
3) Keep your lights on, even during the day. This increases your visibility to other drivers.
4) Be gentle with your pedals. Light on the gas, light on the brake. If you start to skid, back off whichever pedal you are using. It's a little counter intuitive, but it works and it keeps your tires rolling.
5) Keep the Air Conditioning on! AC dries out the air in your vehicle, which will help remove the condensation on your windshield. Don't worry, it will still be warm if you have the heat on as well.
6) Get a good ice scraper and brush off your WHOLE CAR! Windshield, back windows, lights, license plates, everything. It takes you a little longer but makes your drive much safer for everyone. Using your credit card to scrape a tiny hole to see out of does NOT cut it.
     - If you can scrape off the top of your car to prevent snow from falling on vehicles behind you, please do so! This ensures the drivers behind you don't get stuck in your whitewash

Check your tires! Make sure they have enough tread and they are filled appropriately.
Check your antifreeze levels!
Keep a shovel, water and other necessary supplies in your vehicle, in case you  get stuck, have to dig yourself or another vehicle out of the snow.

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