Monday, April 29, 2013

Featured post: JuicePlus

Length of time you’ve been in business: 9 years

Why did you get into your industry? What is your goal/mission?  I’m passionate about helping families and individuals be well, specifically by promoting simple ways of eating more Fruits and Vegetables for their profound, life-enhancing nutritional and health benefits.  My goal is to help others improve and maintain their health in a fun, simple and doable way with Tower Garden and JuicePlus+ and to continue building a team of High Integrity, professional, health focused, kind and compassionate, effective leaders to spread this mission with me around the world. 

Your specialty – the reason people choose you:  I work with my clients/customers to make positive wellness choices, with JuicePlus+ and TowerGarden as catalysts for healthy changes, one small consistant step at a time. 

Your favorite part about doing business in Flagstaff:  We LOVE Flagstaff!  Of course the Mountains, Pines and Beauty of Nature– we love the safer family friendly atmosphere, the slower pace, the easy going style, the schools, our friends, our church community, the high altitude, snow, sun, clean air and water, skiing, biking, hiking, swimming ….and so much more!

Who is your favorite local non-profit or charitable organization? Why?  Many of them!  Hope Cottage, St. Vincent de Paul, Northland Hospice, Threshold  Choir, Poore Medical Clinic, our local shelters for men, women and children, and the many groups who care for our beautiful environment, the many churches who reach out to lift up our community in positive ways, and many more.  There’s a level of genuine care and service in Flagstaff that is rare! 

Do you have any special events coming up? What are they?  I will be presenting at the GORE Employee Health Fair in May, which I’m looking forward to.  I offer lunch and learn Wellness Presentations in schools, churches, medical offices and business offices, schools, churches, and in homes, as well.

Are you hiring?  I interview Professionals interested in Wellness, who share the mission/goals I’ve listed above. 

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