Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer Internships for High School Students

It is a perfect time for our business community to reach out to our local high school and college students and take them in as interns to expose them to the working world and improve workforce preparedness.
Internships provide real world work experience and business knowledge that is not easy at all for young adults to gain in any other manner. And, we hear from many of you about the lack of skilled labor in our community so we are proactive on your behalf!

The Flagstaff Chamber Education and Workforce Development Committee has been formulating a communitywide internship initiative that could make it easier for your business to fill its labor force pipeline that you rely on for business success.

Last summer, with a grant from Coconino County Career Center, the Chamber was able to fill ten internships locally in a very diverse array of companies. These companies helped local talent understand the skills they required for potential employment and of course, engaged them in various departments and capacities to keep moving the business forward.

They were such great interns that after summer, six of the ten companies offered part time employment during the school year…what great career exploration! Most interns are enthusiastic, passionate about learning business skills, energetic and just really willing to have a seat in the real business world. I speak from experience because there has barely been a moment that we have not employed an intern at the Flagstaff Chamber and always, they play an integral role.

An Internship Task Force has formed and this group of individuals from the public and private sectors has been nothing less than extraordinary developing business guidelines for hiring an intern, an intern application, and now they are working towards completion of a website that will be accessible by all to grow the number of intern placements inside local businesses on a long term basis.

Please consider starting small and work with the Flagstaff Chamber to place a student in one of your departments such as marketing, IT, sales, finance, communications or the lab. We have taken the ‘unknown’ out of this great opportunity and we know that whether you are a banker, medical, manufacturing, culinary, engineer, scientific, hospitality, restaurant, legal or retail business, we have students that are interested in careers in your field.

We would like to hear from you and we will endeavor to match a student with your needs! Please contact the Chamber at 774-4505. Together we can really help local businesses fill your job vacancies with extremely talented local youth. Let’s help them cultivate the skills to make them more desirable candidates for employment after graduation!

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