Friday, July 19, 2013

Featured Post: NAVMC Making the World a Better Place

Once a year at the time of our annual fundraiser for Northern Arizona Volunteer Medical Corp, I reach out to all of you for support in our work.  If you have already given, thank-you.  If you have not, thank-you for your time and I hope you will consider a donation to NAVMC.
NAVMC is a group of volunteers from Flagstaff, AZ who have been focusing on helping those in need in Haiti since the earthquake in 2010.
1.       We sent our 12th medical team to Haiti last year to work at a hospital in Port-au-Prince.  We are currently planning our next trip.
2.       This past January, we facilitated providing care to two children with bone tumors at a hospital in Haiti.  These kids would not have been treated without our efforts and that of others.
3.       We have helped to outfit an operating room at the only “trauma center” in Haiti and continue to support the facility.
4.       We sent a group of 30 volunteers to Haiti in January 2013.  This group worked with local Haitians to rebuild a security wall, re-plumb a water system and improve the electrical system at the Renmen orphanage in Haiti.
5.       In 2012 we raised $60,000 for the orphans in two orphanages in Haiti.  One half of the money went toward the wall project and one half went to feed and educate the kids in the orphanages.
6.       We sent 6 kids to secondary school in Haiti last year.  These kids graduated high school and had no means to pursue any further education.  They are now in school.

We are in the process of our annual fundraising golf tournament scheduled for Saturday September 14.  All the money we raise goes to Haiti.  We have no overhead and all volunteers travel and work in Haiti at their own expense. 

This year, the needs are great as money is running out for the orphanages.  Not unexpectedly, Haiti is once again being forgotten.  These kids would not be getting three meals a day if not for our efforts.  We are Renmen orphanage’s biggest supporter!

Some of the money we raise will go to feed and educate the kids and some will go towards projects that we are currently researching at the orphanages.  We want to keep the older kids in school to learn a trade in order to become part of the work force in Port-au-Prince.  We are also looking at supporting the building of a health care clinic that will serve several thousand in the countryside. 

Your donations will help us in our efforts to bring some stability to the lives of a few children in Haiti.  If you want to make a donation, you can send a check to me made out to NAVMC .  My address is 512 W Fir Ave, Flagstaff, AZ  86001.  You can also donate through our website with Paypal.  If you want to donate a silent auction item, let me know.

Check out our website at and listen to the three National Public Radio Reports (see links on home page) on our work in Haiti.

Through the efforts of NAVMC, two of the older girls from Renmen orphanage will be studying at Northern Arizona University this coming year!  Nerlande and Bebe have graduated highschool and are applying in Haiti for student visa’s this week.  Nerlande will be living with us and Bebe will be living with another family in town.  Lisa and I are planning to bring them back from Haiti with us on July 28th.

We continue through the adoption process and hope to have Annabelle home with us in the next two months.  She turned 4 on July 14th.  She calls me Papa!  Breaks my heart.  See her photo attached.  Think she looks like me?

Thanks for your continued support.  It is easy for me to get caught up in my daily life and forget about Haiti and the kids there that love us.  I get weekly e-mails from the kids and occasional phone calls reaching out, thanking us for our friendship and support.  The older kids are very thankful that we have been able to support their secondary education.  Manuchka may have landed a job in a new Hotel as the result of her semester in Hotel and Restaurant Management in Port-au-Prince.  She is very pleased.

Thanks to your support, we are making a difference.  These kids are depending on us to help them get three meals a day.  Give what you can.

Website:,  See reports on NPR, links on home page

Love, Bull Durham

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