Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Students to Send Experiments to Space!

The Flagstaff Chamber continues its work in the area of STEM education recognizing that future careers will have a larger aspect of science, technology, engineering and math focus.  We are committing $500 to a project that is being launched by Northland Preparatory Academy to get a science project launched onto the International Space Station.

The details are below.  We are hoping to raise $2500 that could be donated to their full goal of raising $21,000 to put Flagstaff into space.  You can write a check to donate to the Chamber and we will forward our joint funds in one lump sum with all contributors listed on the presentation of the money.  Below is a synopsis of the project for your review.

I’m a 6th grade science teacher Northland Preparatory Academy. We just returned from flying a student experiment in weightlessness on the Zero G plane thanks to the NASA Teaching from Space Program. Since we have flown an experiment in weightlessness we now want to pursue sending an experiment to space. Northland Prep is currently in the process of raising funds to secure a spot for a student experiment up to the International Space Station in 2014. We are using Donors Choose to help us raise a portion of the cost so that anyone can donate with any amount.
We would love it if you could help us spread the word about our student project to the ISS through your social media. This project will help immerse our students in real world research and STEM. More information is on our Donors Choose site.
We appreciate your time and help as we ignite curiosity and discovery within our classroom.

Kaci Heins

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