Monday, August 5, 2013

Featured Post: FranCar Enterprises and WorldVentures

Name of your business: Francar Enterprises, Representative for World Ventures

Length of time you’ve been in business: Francar Enterprises 20 years, World Ventures 8 years

Why did you get into your industry? What is your goal/mission? To help people experience more Fun, Freedom & Fullment in life.  Spending more time with friends and family.

Your specialty – the reason people choose you: We help more people understand that there is more to life than just a JOB and working for 40-50 years, living paycheck to paycheck, there is a Great Big World out there, lets show people how to enjoy that with their friends and families, by learning how to have Time and Money, not just one or the other.

Your favorite part about doing business in Flagstaff:  Having the opportunity to expand our business in a new location and show the people of Flagstaff how to Enjoy Life More.

Who is your favorite local non-profit or charitable organization? Why?  Boys & Girls Club, it is supported by World Ventures.

Do you have any special events coming up? What are they? Presentations every Friday evening,  Monthly Regional Training Opportunites in the Phoenix area & National Conventions in different locations around the World Quarterly.

Are you hiring?  Always looking for people who are looking to expand their horizons and Give back to the World more.  We do that through the World Ventures Foundation helping children around the World.

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