Monday, August 5, 2013

Hot Deals, Marketspace and Job Postings!

The Chamber website, updated in early 2013 now has several features for members to gain extra exposure in the community!

Hot Deals are essentially online coupons. You can create deals to the public or member-to-member
Marketspace is a more enhanced listing of hot deals, but is used as more of a "Classified Ads" section!
Job Postings serves as an online job board for Flagstaff, available only to members of the Chamber, showing only vetted positions from real companies who are really hiring (no scams!)

Hot Deals: An online coupon space where you can post coupons to the entire community or only to other members ie (20% discount for chamber members). Utilizing this feature will increase your company's visibility to other chamber members, increase your SEO, and bring revenue in the door! Are you currently using printed coupons or running specials via Social Media? Run a similar (but different!) special through Hot Deals so you can track the usage and the number of people seeing your material on the Chamber site!

Marketspace: a module designed to market items, specials or other offerings to members and/or community. This listing is publicly available to anyone searching the Chamber's website. It can be searched by keyword. Users can sign up to receive emails when new items are posted.
Is your business selling off old equipment? Post it to Marketspace!
Do you have special deals for students, military, or retired persons? Post them to marketspace! 
Do you have a special event coming up and are seeking sponsors? Post it to Marketspace!

Other Popular uses include
Classified ads
Auction items
Commercial real estate available for lease or purchase
Rentals or Housing units
Area specific deals: College Student Coupons, Military Member Discounts, etc
Job Posting: If your organization is hiring, forget about paying hundreds of dollars to job posting sites! Post to the Chamber's website, where job-seekers are already local! Each job posting is reviewed by Chamber staff to ensure there are no scams and no spam. This section of the Chamber site already sees 5,000 unique views each month!

All three of these excellent posting opportunites can be accessed from your Member Login portal on the Flagstaff Chamber website.

Simply enter your username and password and start posting!
Forgot your login? Give us a call/email and we will get you squared away.

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