Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Northern Arizona Outdoor Areas in the Government Shutdown

UPDATE 10/9/2013 via the Arizona Daily Sun
  • All National Forest Service Campgrounds (even if run privately) are closed.
  • Many trailheads are closed (primarily in the Sedona area - Schultz Tank Trailhead is the only one around Flagstaff).
  • Many Day Use areas are closed with one quite notable exception - Kendrick Park Wildlife Viewing Area.
  • You may STILL disperse camp in the National Forest.
  • NO ROADS in the National Forest have been closed.

All National Parks and Monuments are closed during the Government Shutdown.  You can still drive through Sunset Crater & Wupatki, but you may not park and go off onto any trails.  These have been cordoned off.  Also, all National Forest Service campgrounds have been closed.  The Grand Canyon Railway has been shut down, too.  All tours and rafting trips have stopped running. No hiking is allowed in these areas. Helicopter tours ARE running during the shutdown. The Grand Canyon Skywalk, accessed through the reservation, is open.
Lakes inside National Parks are closed.
Lake Powell is closed. Lake Mead is closed. 
State-run lakes such as Havasu, Pleasant, Bartlet, Horseshoe, Roosevelt, Apache etc are still open.

State Parks remain open.  These include Riordan Mansion, Homolovi Ruins, Slide Rock, Red Rock, Dead Horse, Jerome Historic and Fort Verde.  I would highly recommend for those who wanted to go to Grand Canyon, that they instead visit Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. Hiking, Helicopter and Jeep Tours of the Sedona area are still running.

Within Flagstaff, visitors may still enjoy hiking in the National Forest.  
Also, city attractions are still open:  Museum of Northern Arizona, Pioneer Museum, Coconino Center for the Arts, the Arboretum, Lowell and Riordan Mansion.

UPDATE 10/2: According to the Arizona Daily Sun, a great many campgrounds near Flagstaff remain open during this shutdown! These include:
  • Ashurst Lake
  • Bonito
  • Dairy Springs
  • Lake Mary Day Use
  • Lakeview
  • Lockett Meadow
  • Pinegrove
  • O'Leary Group.
 Several campgrounds in Sedona remain open as well.

Business closures in Flagstaff include the United States Naval Observatory and the United States Geological Survey.  Some aspects of research institutions might have some closures within specific departments.

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